Polly Hammond is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and consultant, and founder of the award-winning digital marketing agency 5forests. She helps businesses build and implement robust strategies that drive measurable growth.

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100+ podcasts, 400+ guests, lessons galore!

Step into the world of wine marketing with Polly Hammond’s podcasts, where she unravels the complexities of the industry with a blend of humor and expertise. Covering everything from digital marketing innovations to consumer behavior trends, these podcasts are a treasure trove for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of wine marketing

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Presenting and panels and moderation, oh my!

Captivate your audience with Polly Hammond, a sought-after speaker, panelist, and moderator known for her dynamic approach to marketing and customer relationships. Polly brings events to life, whether it’s delivering keynotes on digital marketing trends, engaging in panel discussions on industry challenges, or expertly steering conversations as a moderator.


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Big goals?
Brand excellence?
Behind-the-scenes help?
Polly’s got your back.

Enhance your brand strategy with Polly’s comprehensive suite of services. From On-Call CMO support that offers strategic marketing guidance to participation in advisory boards and bespoke workshops designed for both private companies and regional organizations, Polly’s services are tailored to drive growth and innovation in your wine business.

Strategic marketing leadership at your fingertips

Experience the benefits of having Polly Hammond as your On-Call CMO, offering her vast marketing expertise without the full-time executive commitment. Polly provides strategic guidance, from developing multichannel marketing strategies to continuous market analysis, ensuring your brand stays relevant and competitive. Ideal for businesses seeking expert advice for growth and adaptation in a dynamic market.

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Expert guidance for visionary decision-making

Elevate your boardroom discussions with Polly Hammond’s participation on your advisory board. Her extensive experience and strategic insights in marketing and brand development will be invaluable in steering your company towards sustained growth and innovation. Polly’s involvement ensures a fresh, informed perspective in your strategic planning and decision-making processes.

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Personalized marketing mentorship for success

Unlock your potential in marketing with Polly’s 1-on-1 Confidential Support service. Tailored for marketing professionals seeking guidance or skill enhancement, this service offers personalized mentorship, strategy reviews, and practical advice. Whether you’re preparing for high-stakes presentations or looking to upskill, Polly provides the support you need to excel confidently.

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Bespoke workshops to boost your in-house expertise

Transform your team’s capabilities with Polly’s Bespoke Private Workshops. Custom-tailored to your company’s unique needs, these workshops offer in-depth training and insights in various aspects of digital marketing and customer relations. From small businesses to large corporations, Polly’s workshops are designed to deliver practical knowledge and strategies for real-world application.

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