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Bespoke marketing workshops for your team or members

Custom training for private companies and regional organizations big and small.

Polly’s workshops are ideal for member-focused associations looking to provide valuable learning opportunities and private companies seeking to upskill your in-house teams. For associations, these workshops offer a way to enhance the collective knowledge and capabilities of member brands, fostering a stronger, more competitive presence. Private companies benefit by empowering stakeholders with advanced skills and strategies, leading to more effective and innovative in-house marketing efforts.

Polly has a proven track record of delivering action-packed, insightful workshops, both online and in-person, to a diverse range of clients within the wine industry. Her experience includes:

  • Developing and delivering 40+ hours in wine marketing training for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)
  • Multi-day and single day workshops for multinational wine brands seeking improved market-specific messaging
  • Multi-day and single day training for regional associations seeking guidance for their members
  • Fully-custom sessions for large and small-scale wine producers who seek internal alignment and direction.

This breadth of experience ensures that Polly’s workshops are rich in insights and tailored to meet the needs of each unique audience, from globally recognized brands to intimate, boutique labels. Each engagement is developed to align precisely with your unique challenges and objectives, ensuring relevant training that provides value and delivers results.

Ready to bring industry-leading expertise to your organization or association? Connect with Polly to tailor a workshop that meets your unique needs.

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