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The groundbreaking wine marketing seminar.

Headtraining Live 2024, for wine marketing professionals.

Each Headtraining Live seminar is structured to provide you with concrete tools and strategies that you can immediately apply to your brand. The focus is on delivering real value – no self-promotion, no vague theories. You’ll leave with a clear understanding and practical know-how on:

  • Strategic blueprint formation: Learn how to develop a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s current state and future vision, leading to a solid strategic blueprint. You’ll leave knowing how to construct and articulate strategy that supports your stakeholder goals, with the data and insights that back up your assertions.
  • In-depth customer insights: Gain a deep understanding of your customers, uncover their motivations and behaviors, and plot a course that meets them where they are in their journey. You’ll learn how to use Polly’s proprietary framework for customer persona creation, and how to turn those insights into communication and advertising that counts.
  • Modern messaging framework: Craft resonant, relevant brand messaging and learn how to apply it across channels and borders. You’ll learn how to refine and articulate your brand’s positioning, core values, and visual identity to ensure compelling customer-centric communication of your unique value propositions.
  • Practical implementation: Master the art of turning insights into actions. You’ll have time to learn and ask questions about real-world tools that make marketing, reporting, and budgeting efficient and meaningful.
  • BONUS: 6 months of On-Call CMO Support: As a part of your Headtraining Live experience, you will receive six months of On-Call CMO support, valued at $2640. This service includes continuous strategic marketing guidance, regular assessments of your marketing strategies, and personalized advice to align with your business goals, ensuring ongoing support and implementation of the strategies learned during the seminar.

Dates and locations coming soon.

Our 2024 Headtraining Live seminars will be hosted in wine capitals around the world, offering maximum convenience and accessibility. As we finalize our schedule, we’re open to your suggestions. If you have a city or location where you’d love to see our seminar, let us know!

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