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Insights from a modern marketing maverick

Polly Hammond: trailblazing today’s marketing – speaker, panelist, moderator.

Polly Hammond stands at the forefront of contemporary marketing, offering a rich tapestry of expertise and innovative strategies. As a keynote speaker, panelist, and moderator, she delves into the nuances of today’s dynamic marketing landscape, sharing insights honed from hands-on experience from working with hundreds of brands.

Polly’s sessions are not just informative but transformative, providing attendees with the knowledge and inspiration to navigate and excel in today’s competitive environment. Her ability to captivate audiences and spark meaningful discussions makes her an invaluable addition to any event.

  • Real-World, Worldwide know-how: As the head of 5forests, Polly’s work with hundreds of brands worldwide equips her with a diverse range of data and best practices, offering a broad and informed perspective.
  • Zero self-promotion: Unlike many speakers, Polly’s focus is on sharing valuable knowledge rather than self-promotion. Your attendees will walk away with practical, actionable insights.
  • Never boring!: Polly’s presentations are known for their humor and engagement, often sprinkled with pop culture references, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Let’s make your event shine! My top priority is to amplify the value of your event. I focus on delivering content that resonates deeply with your audience, ensuring they leave feeling enriched and engaged. By tailoring my presentation to your event’s objectives, I’ll help you deliver an event that attendees talk about long after it’s over.

– Polly Hammond

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Panel participation

Polly brings her cutting-edge wine marketing acumen to panel discussions, offering insightful perspectives on contemporary industry challenges and trends. Her participation in panels is marked by an ability to provide deep, data-driven insights while facilitating constructive dialogues on a range of topics. Polly’s expertise is especially valuable in discussions revolving around digital transformation, consumer behavior, and sustainable practices in wine marketing.

Facilitation and moderation

As a skilled moderator, Polly excels not only in guiding panel discussions but also in the crucial role of facilitation. She adeptly assists in planning the session, ensuring it aligns with the event’s objectives. This includes identifying and inviting the right participants to create a balanced and dynamic panel. Polly’s facilitation skills guarantee that each session is well-organized, focused, and engaging, allowing for meaningful exchanges and a comprehensive exploration of topics.


Popular topics

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STFU: The Surprise Superpower of Good Business, Great Innovators, and Best Friends

In an era where everyone’s voice is amplified, the art of silence and active listening emerges as a surprising superpower. “STFU” explores the critical importance of listening in digital communication, particularly amidst the cacophony of online interactions. Polly addresses how businesses can leverage Active Listening as a core component of an effective digital strategy. This presentation promises a unique perspective on using listening as a strategic tool in the digital realm, providing attendees with practical methods to improve their digital communication and marketing efforts.

You’ll learn

  • Mastering Active Listening Online: Techniques to incorporate Active Listening into your digital strategy for better customer engagement.
  • Differentiating in a Noisy Marketplace: Practical steps to make your brand stand out by prioritizing listening over speaking in your digital presence.
  • Enhancing Messaging and Advertising: Insights on refining your messaging and advertising tactics based on audience feedback and interactions.
  • Building Meaningful Loyalty: Strategies to foster genuine customer loyalty through responsive and attentive digital communication.
  • Navigating Privacy Regulations: Understanding how active listening can help your business adapt to and thrive under new privacy regulations.
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24 Trillion Reasons to Love Millennials & GenZ (The Future Wine Consumer)

“124 Trillion Reasons to Love Millennials & GenZ” is a journey through generational shifts, focusing on redefining how to approach wine marketing for Millennials and Gen Z. Polly Hammond dismantles the notion of homogenous demographic cohorts, advocating for a more empathetic and nuanced understanding of these generations. This presentation provides valuable insights into effectively reaching and engaging the future wine consumer by emphasizing understanding, empathy, and adaptability in marketing strategies.

You’ll learn

  • Demystifying Generational Stereotypes: Break down common misconceptions about Millennials and Gen Z to understand their real needs and preferences.
  • Empathy in Marketing: Learn the power of empathy in connecting with younger wine consumers by understanding their diverse life experiences.
  • Beyond Demographics: Explore how to focus on psychographics, values, and motivations rather than just age groups.
  • Adapting Marketing Strategies: Insights into tailoring marketing strategies that resonate with the lifestyle, interests, and values of younger consumers.
  • Identifying Opportunities: Discover how to leverage various contexts and occasions for wine consumption among Millennials and Gen Z.
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These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For: Harnessing Human Nature to Drive Digital Growth

Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of behavioral economics to transform your online sales! This presentation reveals how understanding human behavior patterns can be the key to creating captivating digital experiences. Polly focuses on practical strategies for wineries to enhance brand loyalty and drive direct-to-consumer (DtC) sales, by aligning digital marketing efforts with innate human tendencies and preferences.

You’ll learn

  • Understanding Behavioral Economics: Learn the core principles of human behavior and how they influence consumer decisions.
  • Creating Captivating Online Experiences: Strategies for designing digital interactions that resonate with customers on a psychological level.
  • Boosting Brand Loyalty and DtC Sales: Practical tips on using behavioral insights to strengthen brand loyalty and increase direct sales.
  • Data-Driven Marketing Decisions: How to leverage consumer behavior data to make informed marketing choices.
  • Enhancing Customer Engagement: Techniques for engaging customers more effectively through tailored digital content and campaigns.
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More Human than Human: How Good Digital Can Overcome Growth Challenges

“More Human than Human” is a presentation that redefines the role of digital marketing, moving beyond traditional outputs to a more insightful, empathetic approach. Polly Hammond illustrates how digital tools, when used creatively and thoughtfully, can humanize marketing, deepen customer relationships, and build enduring brands. This session encourages marketers to see beyond spreadsheets and data points, focusing on the stories and people behind the numbers.

You’ll learn

  • Redefining Digital Marketing: Understanding digital marketing as a tool for connection rather than just a set of tactics.
  • Empathy in Digital Engagement: Strategies for using digital platforms to understand and connect with customers on a deeper level.
  • Insightful Use of Data: Learning how to interpret and utilize data to enhance customer experiences and brand loyalty.
  • Adapting Marketing Strategies: Emphasizing the importance of flexibility and responsiveness in digital marketing approaches.
  • Building Human-Centric Brands: Techniques to make digital marketing more human-focused, creating brands that resonate and last.